Natanael Highschool Suceava

In a society where the Christian principles are old-fashioned and where the children’s education isn’t a priority anymore, Natanael Highschool Suceava is the place where the children have the chance to receive a healthy education based on God’s Word. Natanael Highschool Suceava was founded in 1998 out of a strong desire to help the children in Nathanael Orphanage. In 2009 the school was accredited by the Ministry of National Education in Romania. Natanael Highschool Suceava functions within Natanael Association Suceava and its main goal is to educate children from a Christian perspective. We also help them with their professional orientation and their integration in the society. Our motto is “A chance for every child.” We believe that education involves not only theoretical knowledge acquirement but also its implementation in daily life.

Manager, Nelu Prodan